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What you will learn

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Are You A Professional Employee?

Master MES Software  using AI & IoT For FREE

Looking for ways to optimize your production processes? Join us in exploring new ways to boost productivity on the production line with MES!


Course Outcome

✅ Discover how MES can transform production, boost efficiency, and maximize productivity.

✅ Learn how integrating AI with MES streamlines operations, improves decision-making, and optimizes resource use.

✅ Explore the impact of AI on scheduling, quality control, inventory, and maintenance for smooth and efficient operations.


✅ Understand key steps for implementing AI in MES and integrating it with new technology to stay ahead.

✅ Combine IoT, MES, and Power BI with AI for real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and insightful visualizations to revolutionize manufacturing.

Who is eligible to claim for FREE

✅ Employees from HRD Corp registered companies

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“Our Trainer has experience of more than 5 years in I4.0


  • ​Conduct MyReskill IoT and Step Up Programe (Predictive Analysis with AI, Data Analytic with Power BI, Computer Vision with AI,Monitor Crop using IoT, etc..) in collab with MPC. More than 1500 participants join.


  • In-house training with CO9P (Raspberry Pi Programming, Arduino Programming, SCARA Robot, Programmable Logic Controller, Robot Operating System,Linear Robot, etc..).


  • Build Mobile AI kit for showcase with cover 4 pillar in IR4.0 for MPC. 


  • Conduct Overseas training: Tanzania I4.0 Training.

What You Get In Industrial IoT Kit

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Companies successfully implemented their IoT System!

Case 1: Gas Cylinder Manufacturer Successfully

saved RM30,000 per year!

before case 1-01.png

Case 2: Adhesive Tape Manufacturer  Successfully

saved RM28,000 per year!

before case 2-02.png

Case 3: Plastic Injection Moulding  Successfully

saved RM24,000 per year!

before case 3-01.png

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