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Course Fee : RM3,600.00


4.6 stars rated by 491 participants

Mastering Predictive Analytics: 
Unlock the Power of Machine Learning for Data Analysis

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"Very informative and the trainer provided useful resources and support"


Sumirah Pauzi

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Next Session Date : December 2023

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What you will learn

Introduction to Machine Learning

Collecting Datasets for Analytics

  • Overview of machine learning and its importance in data analysis

  • Types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning

  • Basic concepts of machine learning algorithms: decision trees, regression, clustering, and neural networks

  • Data collection techniques: scraping, and public datasets

  • Data preprocessing: cleaning, filtering, and transforming raw data for machine learning algorithms

  • Selecting the appropriate dataset for specific machine learning problems, such as classification, regression, or clustering

Visualizing Data using AI

  • Understanding the importance of data visualization in machine learning

  • Selecting the appropriate tools for data visualization, such as Matplotlib or Seaborn

  • Creating various types of visualizations for exploratory data analysis, such as scatter plots, histograms

Getting Predictions from Data

  • Building machine learning models using Python libraries such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, or Keras

  • Training and evaluating machine learning models using techniques such as cross-validation

  • Making predictions using trained machine learning models and deploying them in real-world applications.

What our students said about us

Ariana Sufi

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Trainer was excellent!

I'm really impressed with how much the trainer was able to cover in just 2 days. The content was well-organized and easy to follow and I feel much more confident in my abilities with AI with Machine Learning now.


Hayda Aziz

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The pace is just right!

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to absorb much in just 2 days but this online class exceeded my expectations. The trainer was engaging and the hands-on exercises were really helpful in solidifying my understanding of AI with Machine Learning.


Shauqi Nasar

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It's fun!

I had a great experience in the workshop! The hands-on exercises were challenging but fun and I appreciate the time the trainer took to answer all of our questions thoroughly. 

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4.6 stars rated by 491 participants

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