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4.72 stars rated by 1826 participants

From Concept to Reality:
Building Your Own IoT Dashboard

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Sumirah Pauzi

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Next Available Date : 6th June 2023 - 7th June 2023

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What you will learn

Introduction to Software

Programming Arduino as Gateway

  • Overview of Node-RED: An open-source tool for building IoT applications

  • Understanding the basic concepts of Node-RED: Nodes, Flows, and Message Passing

  • Installing and configuring Node-RED on your computer or server

  • Understanding the role of Arduino as gateway in IoT architecture

  • Selecting the appropriate hardware and software for your gateway

  • Configuring the gateway to communicate with different IoT devices using serial protocol

Testing Data over the Gateway:

  • Creating a simple flow to test data transmission from an IoT device to the gateway

  • Configuring the gateway to receive and process data simultaneously

  • Troubleshooting common issues in data transmission, such as connectivity problems, incorrect data formats, or data loss

Creating a Dashboard for IoT

  • Understanding the importance of data visualization in IoT applications

  • Selecting the appropriate tools for building a custom dashboard, such as Node-RED Dashboard

  • Creating a custom dashboard to display data from multiple sensor, with real-time updates, visualizations, and user interaction

Some of the companies we have trained

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4.72 stars rated by 1826 participants

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