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What you will learn

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Productivity Through AI & Digitalization

Learn how to optimize your production capacity with IoT & AI

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Time & Date

Type of Training: Online Class

25th June 2024 to 27th June 2024

9.00 am - 4.00 pm


Earn Your Certificate

MOST Manufacturers Are Having These Problems


Critical Machines broke down on high season. Can't afford to lose orders!


Miss delivery order deadlines. Clients are not happy!

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Defects. Too much rejects! Where our profits at?

Sounds familiar to you?

Then this is why you should JOIN OUR CLASS!

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You are able to TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTIONS based on data collected

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What our participants said about us

Nan Bin Mad Sahar

Board of Director

Alumnus Properties Sdn Bhd

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"Great Opportunity to learn, hope in future can learn application of AI in other workflow"

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Course Content

Day 1:

Morning Session:

  • Module 1: Productivity Concepts and Measuring Productivity.

  • Short break.

  • Module 1: Factors Affecting Productivity and Productivity Challenges.

  • Lunch break.

Afternoon Session:

  • Module 1: Process Improvement and Problem Analysis Identification

  • Short break

  • Recap and Q&A for Day 1

Day 2:

Morning Session:

  • Module 2: Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things) and OEE Monitoring.

  • Short break.

  • Module 2: Overview of Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno for OEE Monitoring

  • Lunch break

Afternoon Session:

  • Module 2: Setting up Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno as a Gateway

  • Short break

  • Recap and Q&A for Day 2

Day 3:

Morning Session:

  • Module 3: Power BI Introduction and Data Visualization

  • Short break

  • Module 3: Power BI Dashboard and Advanced Features

  • Lunch break

Afternoon Session:

  • Module 3: Review, Q&A, and Conclusion

  • Short break

  • Final Review, Q&A, and Course Conclusion

Some of the companies we have trained

Others that has Benefited from Higher Productivity!

Case 1: Gas Cylinder Manufacturer Successfully saved RM30,000 per year!

  • Refurbishment center of gas cylinders that operates 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week.

  • The shopfloor is hot and dusty and operators does not have any access to paper for manual data recording.

before case 1-01.png
before case 1-02.png
  • The client faces many product rejections at the end of the production line.

  • No reject categorizations are being done by their supervisor.

  • No diagnosis is being made to improve their process.

  • We introduced physical buttons to easily categorize types of defects.

  • We have installed sensors to count the total output for the products.

case 1 after-03.png
  1. Based on data collected, most of the defects are due to mishandling of goods during product transfer.

  2. The client has introduced a new SOP to improve this process specifically.

  3. This POC saved the client estimated total of RM30,000 annually.

Case 2: Adhesive Tape Manufacturer  Successfully saved RM28,000 per year!

  • The client adhesive tape manufacturer operates 8 hours shift, 7 days a week.

  • The operators record data on paper after each job order has been completed.

before case 2-01.png
before case 2-02.png
  • The client is unable to meet the delivery deadline regularly.

  • However, theoretically the machine speed should be able to meet the order output on time.

intervention case 2-01.png
intervention case 2-02.png
  • We have installed IoT Gateway to capture the data from their machine's PLC.

  • We remotely monitored the machine performance for 1 month.

After case 2-03.png
  1. The client is losing time running multiple small orders daily, requiring multiple machine adjustments.

  2. The client has improved their production planning by focusing on running only 2 orders per day. To ensure a more organized workflow of their processes and increase efficiency.

  3. This has significantly improved their output and extra finish goods are kept as stock for future orders.

  4. This POC has boosted its production output by 20% and benefited from an estimated savings of RM28,000 annually.

Case 3: Plastic Injection Moulding  Successfully saved RM24,000 per year!

  • Client bottle manufacturer that operates 24-hour shifts, 7 days a week.

  • The operators record data on paper after each job order has been completed.

before case 3-01.png
before case 3-02.png
  • The client is having issues with increased rejections over time after an order has been executed.

  • Supervisors need to stop the machine to troubleshoot the issue each time this happens.

intervention case 3-03.png
intervention case 3-04.png
  • We have installed multiple sensors around the machine to measure the machine's performance parameters.

  • We have installed an IoT gateway to monitor the machine performance remotely for 1 month.

After case 3-03.png
  1. Based on the study, we've found out that the high rejection rate over time is due to low material level.

  2. The client has decided to standby more raw materials nearby the machine to ensure machine is running smoothly.

  3. This POC has reduced their machine downtime and improved the machine performance from 65% to 72% and benefited from an estimated savings of RM24,000 annually.

Just training? We give you more!

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Complimentary IoT Kit​

  • ​Collect your own data automatically!

  • Understand how your data works

we give you more-02.png

On-site Consultation

  • We visit your facilities

  • Understand your pain points together

we give you more-03.png

Solution Proposal​

  • How can we help you to solve your problems

  • How can you benefit from it

we give you more-04.png

POC Project​

  • We help you to implement pilot project at your site for 1 entire month!

  • Learn how can you benefit from it!

Training Package:
Training Fee: RM3,500.00 / pax


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Contact us for further information on our other payments plans.

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