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What you will learn

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T-Robot in partnership with MTDC and Programme by Khazanah Nasional Berhad


Robotics, AI & IoT Training Programme

4-Month Full Time (Training + Apprenticeship) with Monthly Salary of RM2000+ (after statutory deduction) + insurance


Programme Overview

Robotics, AI & IoT Training Programme is a 4-month full time training which consist of 1 month physical training (at UPM-MTDC TIC III, Serdang) and 3 months job placement within Selangor/KL or any assigned location. In partnership with MTDC, T-Robot was selected to provide training in industry 4.0 technologies.

Objectives :

  • To provide graduates with employment opportunities when get into the job market.

  • To help unemployed graduates to get jobs quickly with programme that add value to existing skills. 

  • To place the participants directly to technology industry by filling the vacancies offered.

  • To create an active collaboration between the technology industry and the higher learning institutions.

You will learn in either 1 of these 3 separate categories:

  1. Robotics & Automation (Slot Available)

    • Week 1: Ros Simulation
      Week 2: 3-Phase Motor Control
      Week 3: PLC Automation & Robotic Arm

    • Involve using Cobot Arm kit, Motor AC Control, IoT kit and PLC kit

  2. Productivity through AI & Digitalization (Slot Available)

    • Week 1: Productivity & Dashboard (Power BI and Project Management)
      Week 2: Python Analytics (Python and Data Science)
      Week 3: Python Vision AI (Python with OpenCV/Cascade Method)

    • Involve using AI kit & IoT kit

  3. Machining (Full Slot)

Entry Requirements :

  • This programme is only applicable for unemployed Malaysian citizen age between 20-30 with Diploma or Degree related to Computer/ IT / Technology/ Science / Engineering and have not participated in any similar programme or currently attached to similar programme.

  • Accommodation is not provided and you are required to bring your own Laptop.

Benefits of Programme :

  • You will receive monthly Salary of RM2000+ after statutory deduction (EPF, SOCSO & Insurance Coverage)

  • Will receive certificate certified by T-Robot and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MTDC). MTDC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad and an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). T-Robot was one of the MTDC's Centre of 9 Pillars® (Co9P®) ecosystem companies. 

  • Get employed quickly


Questions? Chat with us!

For more information about this program, contact our training consultant at +60 10-212 1423 (Mr. Hafiz)

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